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Taking What Advertisers Think… to the Next Level

By Ken Pearl, Chief Executive Officer, Advertiser Perceptions How much do media brand marketers really understand about their advertisers and prospects?  In a market as dynamic as media, it’s not enough to just know where ads are being placed and … Continue reading

The Upfront: Safety in Numbers?

Bob Flood, Vice President, Media Consulting Is there safety in numbers? Apparently. But not just in the old sense of not straying from the herd. As the Upfront selling season moves into full swing and the wrestling between media sellers … Continue reading

Eyeballs on the Move: How Personal Mobile Devices are Changing Ad Strategies

Randy Cohen, President and Co-Founder, Advertiser Perceptions Do you get the feeling that you’re being watched wherever you go? If not, that’s a problem. Advertisers have an unprecedented opportunity to be seen at any time anywhere. Smartphones, iPads, and other … Continue reading

Foresight Equals Insight

Ken Pearl, CEO, Advertiser Perceptions The presidential election is over and done with, but the analysis of the polls is just beginning. Who called it right? Who got it wrong? And why do we care? There’s a simple answer: we … Continue reading

Navigating the Ad Tech Landscape: Can You Get There from Here?

There will always be advertisers, and there will always be publishers. Everything in between is up for grabs and every day there are new players doing the grabbing – the media landscape is changing so quickly that what was true … Continue reading

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