Only About 1/3 of Advertisers Trust Ad Metrics

Yet Nearly All Consider Measurement and Metrics Critical to Their Success

The proliferation of new media platforms makes media / audience measurement
and consumer insight more challenging, yet more important than ever.
But measurement within these new platforms is complex, imperfect and
constantly changing. Advertisers, agencies and publishers alike struggle to make
the best measurement choices to fit their specific needs and ultimately better
their businesses.

Advertising Week and Advertiser Perceptions present the findings of a new
report on advertisers’ attitudes towards, confidence in, and usage of advertising
measurement – from audience measurement to advertising effectiveness,
first-party data to third-party and syndicated data.

Presenter / Moderator
Justin Fromm, Vice President, Business Intelligence, Advertiser Perceptions

Panelists Include:
Howard Shimmel, Chief Research Officer, Turner Broadcasting
Helen Katz, SVP Global Director, Analytics & Insight, Publicis Media
Nithya Sowrirajan, Head of Brand Measurement Strategy and Commercialization, Google
Brian Becker, Executive Director, Head of Newsroom, Brand Team, JPMorgan Chase

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