Based on interviews with 483 advertisers in July, the new DSP Report from Advertiser Perceptions shows Amazon pulling ahead in usage, with 41% of advertisers using the Amazon Advertising Platform, while 35% use Doubleclick Bid Manager and 26% use The Trade Desk. AAP and DBM were tied at 38% in January, while TTD has risen from 18% since then.

On average, advertisers have used 2.8 DSPs in the past year, and they are using different DSPs for different purposes. For example, Amazon is mostly managed service, while The Trade Desk is mostly self-service. But if they had to pick one DSP for a single campaign, the greatest number would pick Amazon.

Increasingly, advertisers are turning to programmatic advertising for targeting as well as efficiency – specifically, looking for targeting, control, savings and reach.

Yet advertisers are increasingly worried about fraud, transparency and complexity. Overall, track record matters most to advertisers, followed by audience targeting and reach, when they’re picking a DSP. The optimization of media placement ranks only sixth on the list. Meanwhile, the top tech factors influencing DSP selection are a DSP’s ability to export data to an advertiser’s preferred analytics platform, its technology expertise and vision, and the level of transparency it provides into costs.

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