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Our exclusive Media Executive Webcast Series helps foster better communication and collaboration among media brand executives and influential advertisers. Through these convenient online events, our clients gain valuable insights aimed at enhancing their go-to-market strategies and tactics.


Why Encrypted Email Identifiers Will Be at the Core of Future Identity Solutions

As Chrome phases out third-party cookies and Apple restricts the use of its Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA) in the name of privacy, players across the digital advertising ecosystem are looking to alternate ways of identifying audiences. To that end, buyers and sellers are turning their eyes toward email as a key identifier that can bridge the gap from the third- to the first-party world—and do so in a privacy-friendly way.

This webinar is based on new data-driven insights and will explore advertisers’ current perceptions and use of this first-party identifier as a meaningful alternative to third-party cookies and Ad IDs. We’ll highlight key trends, challenges and opportunities for advertisers’ use of encrypted email identifiers to power their existing marketing efforts and future partnerships with publishers.


  • The Current State Of Identity
  • Advertiser Preparedness And Planning In The Face Of Changes To Audience Identity
  • The Significant Role That Email Encryption And Newsletters Will Play In Audience Targeting And Measurement
  • Leveraging Existing First-Party Data Assets And Tapping Into Publisher/Ad Tech Partners’ Own First-Party Data
  • Key Criteria Advertisers Are Considering When Partnering/Looking To Partner With Solutions Providers And Publishers


  • John Bishop, VP Business Intelligence, Advertiser Perceptions
  • Lauren Fisher, EVP Business Intelligence, Advertiser Perceptions
  • Kerel Cooper, CMO, LiveIntent

Future-Proofing Your Business In a World Without Cookies and IDFA

More than half of US advertisers we polled in December 2020 said they believed Chrome’s phaseout of third-party cookies and Apple’s restricted use of IDFA was disruptive to the advertising industry. Four months later, in our April 2021 survey of US advertisers, we found 71% of advertisers agreed these changes would benefit the industry in the long run.

So advertisers are optimistic about these changes, but the big question remains: are they ready?

To better understand how advertisers are approaching these changes and pivoting their practices, Advertiser Perceptions has put together an expert panel to discuss the current state of identity, advertisers’ state of readiness for changes, what’s being done to address these changes, new targeting and measurement tactics advertisers are planning to use, why first-party data is so important and what’s being done to collect it, store it and activate it.


  • The Current State of Identity
  • Advertisers’ State of Readiness
  • How Are Changes Being Addressed
  • New Targeting and Measurement Tactics
  • The Importance of First-Party Data


  • Lauren Fisher, EVP Business Intelligence, Advertiser Perceptions
  • Stuart Schneiderman, SVP Business Intelligence, Advertiser Perceptions
  • Jeffrey Ralls, Senior Strategy Manager Adtech | Martech, Treasure Data

JUMPSTART 2021: How to Be Sure 2021 Isn’t 2020 All Over Again

The year 2020 was a crazy glitch in the media and advertising matrix. Or was it? We’ve spent our holiday break dissecting findings from the last 12 months, as well as performing fresh analyses of our latest data to provide a clear picture of what to expect in 2021.

Join Advertiser Perceptions for a 45-minute webcast designed to help you jumpstart your 2021 sales and marketing plans. We’ll review the latest insights from across our portfolio of extensive advertising research to get you up-to-speed on what to expect on everything ranging from advertiser trust in media to video advertising and the cookieless future.


  • Tracking An Evolving Media Mix – An analysis of new media mix trends through the pandemic peak and recovery – tracking ongoing shifts impacting eCommerce, CTV/OTT, Digital Audio and DOOH.
  • Video Convergence – How did consumer shifts in viewing, accelerated by the pandemic, affect buyers’ attitudes and budgeting?
  • The Identity Crisis – How are sellers and buyers preparing for a cookieless future, what’s at stake in 2021, and what advertisers and publishers are doing (or not doing) in terms of contextual identification, first-party data, and alternate monetization models.
  • Brand Safety and Trust – As advertisers continue to prioritize trust attributes in marketing and investment strategies, how are approaches to brand suitability evolving, and what are they looking for from media providers in 2021?


  • Justin Fromm, EVP Business Intelligence, Advertiser Perceptions
  • Sarah Bolton, EVP Business Intelligence, Advertiser Perceptions
  • Lauren Fisher, VP Business Intelligence, Advertiser Perceptions

Advancing Header Bidding: Choosing an Omnichannel Wrapper Partner

How do you choose the right header bidding wrapper solution? Join Advertiser Perceptions and PubMatic to hear the latest research on how publishers are thinking about their header bidding and wrapper solutions as a part of their omnichannel monetization strategy. We’ll highlight the current state of wrapper adoption across various platforms and ad formats, along with what matters most to publishers when choosing a monetization partner.


  • The Current State of Wrappers/Header Bidding
  • Optimizing Wrapper Usage – What Matters Most
  • Opportunities and Challenges Regarding Monetization
  • Important Criteria for Choosing A Wrapper Solution


  • HOST: Stuart Schneiderman, Senior Vice President Business Intelligence, Advertiser Perceptions – [email protected]
  • PRESENTER: Lauren Fisher, Vice President Business Intelligence, Advertiser Perceptions –[email protected]
  • PANELIST: Priti Patel, Sr. Director of Business Development & Strategy – [email protected]

Digital Advertising In Retail

The digital retail advertising landscape is increasingly complex. Social media platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram seek to provide audiences and advertisers full funnel experiences. Brick-and-mortar retailers like Walmart and Target now recognize the value of their first-party data and have created media networks to better compete against Amazon.

Join us as we present highlights from our inaugural first wave of our Digital Advertising for Retail Report (DAR), that covers a marketplace overview, market traction metrics of the top players and brand perceptions across critical advertising criteria.


  • How Advertisers Fund – And Will Fund – Digital Retail Advertising
  • The Digital Formats Used And Being Considered By Advertisers
  • How Media Partners Are Evaluated By Advertisers


  • Stuart Schneiderman, SVP Business Intelligence, Advertiser Perceptions
  • Lauren Fisher, VP Business Intelligence, Advertiser Perceptions

Advertising Measurement Signals and Solutions

Measurement is the undergirding of the advertising ecosystem. As advertising campaigns become more fluid across media and more automated in their execution, it is essential to understand what signals advertisers are using to determine the success of their efforts and which partners are helping them achieve success.


  • The signals that advertisers are most likely to use to measure campaign performance and which are most important
  • Market adoption of specific measurement methodologies
  • Obstacles to usage of measurement methodologies
  • Trust of media and ad tech measurement solutions
  • The effect that a “cookie-less future” could have on measurement and methodologies


  • Justin Fromm, EVP Business Intelligence Advertiser Perceptions
  • Lauren Fisher, VP Business Intelligence, Advertiser Perceptions

From Paralysis to Scenario Planning in the Coronavirus Economy

Since mid-March, Advertiser Perceptions has been tracking US advertisers’ reactions and planned responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our six waves of research explored everything from advertisers’ initial paralysis to their future plans as they prepare their investments for the second half of 2020.

The landscape they’ll be entering back into is nothing like the one they left. Marketers and agencies looking to restart their ad programs in H2 2020 must be ready to navigate regional restrictions, political ad spending, holiday ad spending and reinvested Olympic ad dollars. The bottom line: There are plenty of pitfalls and potholes.

New Trends & Practices To Be Explored in the Webinar…


  • Who will win the race for reassigned Olympics budgets?
  • Will digital/ecommerce drive the 2020 holiday season?
  • How can regional advertisers eliminate complexity and allow for more contingencies?
  • Will data and insights determine advertisers’ media partner selection moving forward?
  • Is flexibility a need-for-now fad or a new foundation for media programs?
  • How will OTT and CTV keep growing past the pandemic?
  • Is “good-enough” creative the new branding / performance standard

Coronavirus, Advertising And The New Normal

In our first Coronavirus Effect on Advertising webinar we had a broad discussion on the issues we saw as immediate results of the illness and widespread quarantine. Our overarching theme was that the industry, like much of society, was unprepared for it, which resulted in knee-jerk reactions.
In the second wave of our research, advertisers have their feet under them, and are acclimating to the new normal. Unfortunately, that new normal is an intensification of the economic insecurity we saw in the first wave.

Featuring Wave 2 Results From Our Coronavirus Report

Webinar Topics of Discussion: 
  • How insecure are advertisers with regard to when this crisis will end?
  • Are media brands doing a good job perfecting their partnership skills?
  • How will brand and performance tactics change in the Coronavirus culture?
  • And much more…

The Coronavirus Effect On Advertising

The Coronavirus pandemic has completely upended the U.S. advertising market. It has had substantial effects on people’s lives and livelihoods, and it has entirely transformed the way companies do business. In the advertising industry, we’ve all felt the immediate effects: Cancelled events, meetings and business trips. Work-from-home mandates that include hunkering down inside our houses and apartments alongside our entire families. And yes, even paused and pulled advertising campaigns.

But there are longer-term effects that must also be considered. To get a true pulse on how the advertising industry is being affected now and in the coming months, we’re going direct to marketers and agencies to understand what’s being done. This research will be shared in our upcoming report, “Coronavirus Effect on Advertising Report,” and it will be updated bi-monthly to give you the latest insights and trends on how COVID-19 is affecting everything from ad spending patterns across media, geographies and formats to how companies are going to market with their ad creative and ad placements.

Featuring Wave 1 Results From Our Coronavirus Report

Report Highlights To Be Explored in the Webinar…

  • Advertisers expect the worst of the effects to be felt in Q2 2020, but this is likely to be felt for several quarters as two-thirds also expect the Coronavirus to result in reduced ad spending in 2021.
  • The effects on “Hunker-Down-at-Home” and “Out-and-About” Verticals.
  • Linear TV Gets Hit Hard Early, But That Will Change.
  • Rapid Changes in Media Consumption Further Accelerate the Shift to Over-the-Top (OTT) and Connected TV (CTV).
  • A Focus on Provable Media Means Another Win for the Walled Gardens.

Direct 2 Success: Opportunities in D2C for Media Brands, Platforms and Ad Tech

At Advertiser Perceptions we’ve been tracking how the growing “Direct to Consumer” movement (D2C) is affecting media decision-making and investment. In this webinar, we’ll share findings from our latest reports and provide insights that will help you make better business decisions. We’ll also share our discussion with top-level D2C buy-side marketing executives to further illustrate where the market is going and where media sellers might find opportunities.

Our discussion will include:

  • How D2C is growing, where the ad dollars are going, and how media sellers should prepare.
  • Why and when does a traditional marketing brand start dipping their toes into D2C?
  • How is D2C advertising typically bought?
  • Which media types get the most D2C ad spending (in terms of overall dollars) and why?
  • Are D2C budgets a reshuffling of overall marketing dollars or an increase in overall ad spending budget?
  • What prompts a D2C brand to begin a brand building campaign?
  • What are the roles of first-party and third-party data in D2C marketing?
  • And much, much more…


Join Advertiser Perceptions Industry experts Andrew Sippel and Justin Fromm – and special guests including buy-side D2C marketers – and walk away with actionable ideas for tackling the challenges in this evolving advertising environment.


The stakes are incredibly high… we look forward to a lively and informative discussion and hope to see you there. Thank you for your interest!


The Data Game: Obstacles or Opportunities for Media Sellers and Advertisers?

The continued growth in the availability of data creates both opportunities and stumbling blocks for advertisers – and the partners who support them on the publisher and technology side. In this webinar we’ll bring together experts from across the media ecosystem to talk about some of the biggest issues that stymie advertisers in their quest for effective and efficient marketing.

At Advertiser Perceptions we’ve been tracking how data related issues are affecting media decision-making and investment. In this webinar, we’ll share findings from our latest reports and provide insights that will help you make better business decisions.


We will share findings on:
  • How data drives buying decisions and can encourage media investment
  • The missed opportunity of aligning data / research with advertiser KPIs and why a bring-your-own-data policy is a winning proposition.
  • How to approach consumer data privacy
  • The challenge of data accuracy in a world of 3rd party data
  • And much, much more…

Join data and measurement expert moderator Justin Fromm from Advertiser Perceptions and walk away with actionable ideas for tackling the challenges in this new data-focused advertising environment. In addition, special guests will be announced.


The stakes are incredibly high… we look forward to a lively and informative discussion and hope to see you there. Thank you for your interest!


An Advertiser’s Trust: Is Trust The Weak Link In Your Media Selling Strategy?

Today, your media brand’s reputation and success is increasingly built on the combination of advertiser trust and audience quality. In this new complimentary, invitation-only webinar from Advertiser Perceptions, we’ll provide fact-based guidance to help you better understand growing trust and transparency concerns, and learn how to differentiate your brand in order to compete and win.
At Advertiser Perceptions we’ve been tracking how trust related issues are affecting media decision-making and investment. In this webinar, we’ll share findings from our latest reports and provide insights that will help you make business decisions that include TRUST as a KPI.
In this new webinar, we will share findings on:
  • How trust related issues are increasingly affecting media and advertising decision-making and investment.
  • How media decision-makers’ personal habits and views impact their professional decision-making around advertising spending.
  • How media sellers can meet the biggest challenges around brand safety and advertiser trust.
  • How media brands are currently perceived across several dimensions of trust.
  • And much, much more…

Join trust expert moderator EVP Sarah Bolton and CEO Randy Cohen from Advertiser Perceptions and walk away with actionable ideas for increasing advertisers’ trust in your brand.


The State of Ad Measurement… Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

August 2018  If advertising’s impact cannot be accurately measured, then media brands can’t effectively monetize their inventory, and advertisers will continue to hold back ad dollars and resist adopting new media formats.

Advertising measurement is no longer simply the purview of researchers and data scientists. Recent insights from interviews of more than 300 marketers and agency professionals show that inadequate measurement has real-world implications for where and how ad dollars are spent.

Advertiser Perceptions is the first to quantify advertisers’ attitudes about this critical topic with The 2018 State of Advertising Measurement Report. In this new webinar, we will share findings on:

  • What the market identifies as ad measurement’s biggest challenges
  • The most valuable types of measurement, as indicated by marketers and agencies
  • Attributes advertisers most rely upon for selecting measurement providers
  • Who the leading ad measurement providers are
  • A deep-dive into advertiser opinions on cross-platform measurement
  • Where improvement is most needed and from where innovation will come

You may obtain the full 2018 Advertising Measurement Report by contacting us at 212-626-6683 or sending us an email at [email protected]