Wave 3 of our bi-annual CDP Report points to strong signals that CDPs have gone from being a martech buzzword to serving a critical role in organizations’ tech stacks. We believe wave 3 shows that CDPs adoption and use is out of the first inning, and we are in the midst of a CDP evolution.

While CDP point solutions have had strong perceptions over the past two years, we finally see them making some market traction headway – while not nearly to the level of the clouds, there is progress. While this is a crowded landscape, it may finally be becoming an increasingly competitive one with players of all sizes and capabilities.


  • CDP integrations are on the upswing. There is a continued shift from organizations having their CDPs as standalone to more integration with other martech.
  • The CDP’s role is increasing across marketing use cases and processes over time, led by digital advertising, email marketing and customer segmentation.
  • As consumer privacy increases in importance, we see a parallel rise in using CDPs to ensure privacy and data security, and this is now cited as the top benefit CDPs offer.
  • More organizations leverage third-parties – their martech/adtech partners, consultants and agencies – to assist with everything from onboarding the CDP to activation and management.
  • Independent CDPs are starting to breakthrough. This wave differs markedly from our last wave, where we now have significant increases in familiarity, use, consideration and being described as a “top” CDP – not at the level of the clouds, but we do see gains.
  • Homegrown CDP satisfaction is significantly greater. Perhaps there is a long lag time for being satisfied with CDPs built versus bought, but those going the build route finally see payoffs.



Our CDP Report features the latest information on how CDPs are used – their overall objectives, the data they ingest, the marketing processes they influence and more specifically how CDPs impact digital advertising, and from all this, CDPs’ top benefits and challenges. We also cover market uptake and traction for 19 CDPs – consideration, use, satisfaction.


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