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What Is Inspiring Advertisers to Increasingly Adopt Native Advertising?

Competing for consumer mindshare is a perennial challenge for marketers – one made all the more
difficult as consumers continue to find ways to avoid any kind of interruptive advertising. Unsurprisingly,
momentum around ad formats that add value and harmonize with users’ chosen media experiences
continues to grow.

Native Advertising Strategies

Advertisers cite many benefits to Native as key drivers of their strategy. Native is a way to boost visibility
and elevate their brand while adding value to users and enhancing their online experience. Advertisers
view this as an increasingly constructive way to reach consumers who are, so the conventional wisdom
goes, less receptive to interruptive ad models.

Native Advertising Spending

As adoption grows, native advertising spend continues to grow in direct proportion to overall advertising
budgets, with a sizable jump to 28% of total 2018 digital and television ad spend respectively. Digital
spending is fairly evenly split between Native Ads and Branded Content. And when we dig into the Native
portion of that spend, advertisers indicate that 2 of every 5 dollars is being spent programmatically. And
spending is evenly split across performance and brand focused objectives, with performance-based
campaigns in pursuit of behavioral outcomes and brand-focused campaigns aligning with traditional
awareness and positioning goals.


The 2018 Native, Branded Content & Integrated Marketing Report is a measure of the penetration of digital and television native advertising with  metrics on advertisers’ attitudes and needs to help media and content creation brands be more successful.

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