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Why Video Won’t Kill The TV Star

Advertiser Perceptions finds more advertisers increasing video advertising across all platforms, despite persistent concerns over measurement and safety. A new report from Advertiser Perceptions confirms the complementary nature of TV and digital video as advertisers...

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Turning Moments Into Movements: The Power of Participation

AdExchanger’s Industry Preview

Grand Hyatt, New York City

Thursday, January 24th, 11:50 am

We are in a new era. It’s never been more important, and also harder, for brands to earn attention and create emotional connections. So how should marketers think about tackling this challenge in 2019?

Design experiences consumers want versus ads that they have to endure. In this session, you’ll hear about the next wave of participation based marketing aimed at creating a meaningful value exchange with consumers. The panelists will cover the broad continuum of the participation space, from purpose driven brands to campaigns rooted in culture.

Our Panelists

Stacy Minero, Global Head of Content Creation, Twitter

Lou Paskalis, SVP, Customer Engagement and Media Investment, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Interviewed by: Kevin Mannion, Chief Strategy Officer, Advertiser Perceptions

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