The Advertiser Intelligence Report


AIR is the largest, longest running, and most comprehensive tracking study of media decision makers in the world. Currently in its 25th wave, AIR provides media company executives with the plans and opinions of thousands of marketers and agencies every six months about more than 400 leading and emerging media brands—digital, mobile, television, print and radio. AIR enables the measurement and tracking of advertiser experience delivering actionable insights and guidance for improvement.

The Advertiser Intelligence Reports provides overall market insights, purchasing decision drivers, and specific advertiser perceptions of individual media properties and companies.


Key Measures: Advertiser Perceptions and Plans by Media Brand, Medium and Ad Category…in Comparison to the Competition and Over Time

  • Perceptions
    • Advertising Product and Brand
    • Marketing Communications and Research
    • Selling Process and Coverage
  • Satisfaction
    • Likelihood to Recommend (NPS)
  • Advertiser Demand
    • Consideration
    • Buying Intentions
  • Overall Market Insights
    • Advertiser Optimism
    • Advertising Decision Drivers
    • Marketing
    • Selling Approach

AIR Helps Your Media Brand…

  • Track and Manage Your Brand Perceptions in a Positive Direction Over Time
  • Reveal How Advertisers Perceive Your Brand, Marketing, and Sales Team
  • Improve Advertiser Satisfaction
  • Benchmark All Key Metrics in Comparison to the Competition
  • Provide Insight into Areas that Deliver Competitive Advantage
  • Provide Insights for Improvement


Subject to change. 

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