The Advertiser Intelligence Report

The Advertiser Intelligence Report (AIR) is the most comprehensive tracking study of the advertising and marketing industry. Measuring advertiser plans and opinions about the leading media brands in digital, TV, print and audio, AIR provides insight into marketplace factors impacting ad spending, decision making, partner selection and investment along with media brand traction against key funnel metrics, and specific advertiser perceptions of media brands’ audience, product, marketing and sales efforts.

The main goal of The Advertiser Intelligence Report is to instill confidence to make better decisions, driving greater revenue and improved client satisfaction. A yearly subscription, which includes quantitative (survey) and qualitative (interviews) research is designed to help solve client business problems, deliver actionable insights frequently and help implement tangible recommendations.

AIR Represents Opinions from our “Ad Pro” Media Decision Maker Community

  • Marketers / Agencies involved in decision making for top national advertisers
  • Involved in all types of media: Digital/Mobile, Television, Print, and Audio
  • Titles ranging from: Planner/Buyer, Director/Supervisor and VP/C-Suite
Advertiser Intelligence Report

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What AIR Covers

As the ad industry continually changes, AIR evolves to match your business intelligence needs.

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