AIR For Agencies


AIR for Agencies (AFA) supplies actionable data-driven insights and the guidance necessary for improving marketer perceptions of your agency to strengthen your brand value, improve client retention, increase new business and gain a competitive advantage.


Key Measures: Advertiser Perceptions by Agency, Type of Agency and Vertical Market…in Comparison to the Competition and Over Time

  • Perceptions of 100 Leading Agencies – Creative, Media, Digital, Search and Networks
  • The Plans, Opinions and Motivations of 500+ Marketers Involved in Agency Selection Decisions
  • Over 20 Perception Points – Measured Across Service, Talent, Strategy / Execution, and Expense
  • Advertiser Plans to Review Agency Relationships—12 Months


AFA Helps Your Agency…

  • Focus on the Decision Drivers Important to Advertisers When Hiring and Retaining an Agency
  • Improve Perceptions, New Business and Competitive Advantage
    • Build on Where You Are Strong
    • Address and Cure Where You Are Challenged
    • Leverage Opportunities Where Your Competitors Fall Short
  • Increase Client Satisfaction and Retention



Subject to change. 

Our Experts

Advertiser Perceptions media, marketing and agency consultants leverage our proprietary library of data-driven insights to build meaningful and customized business intelligence solutions– providing clients with the information and guidance for solving their biggest sales and marketing challenges.

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