The AIR SMB Report

Much of the growth in digital ad spend over the past few years is driven by small, local businesses spending their budgets exclusively online. Small teams managing small budgets prioritize platforms offering user friendly self-serve tools for campaign management and highly targeted audiences. With roughly 9 million SMBs in the United States (businesses generating $50MM or less in revenue annually), this segment of the advertiser population represents a significant revenue opportunity for media platforms.

Advertiser Perceptions’ SMB focused module of the Advertiser Intelligence Report benchmarks the market traction of leading digital and TV/OTT platforms, comprehension of their ad offerings and perceptions of their audience, self-serve tools and insights.

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Mobile Advertising Report

AIR SMB Report Overview


COMPANIES ASSESSED (Partial List. Subject to Change)

Amazon Advertising, eBay, Facebook, Google Display, Google Search, Instagram, LinkedIn, Microsoft Advertising, Pandora, Pinterest, Snapchat, Spotify, TikTok, Twitter, Walmart, Verizon Media, YouTube

EffecTV, FireTV, Hulu, IMDB TV, Roku, Spectrum Reach

Qualified Respondents

  • U.S. marketers and agencies
  • Involved in digital and/or video advertising decision making
  • Mix of micro ($10k – $500k annual ad spend), small ($500k – $2M) and medium ($2M – $5M)
Sample Insights From The Mobile Advertising Report