AP Market Reports

AP Market Reports deliver timely, research-based insight about the most critical issues affecting the industry every day. All year long, AP Market Reports keep clients abreast of the rapidly changing media landscape, enabling more informed decisions, resulting in more successful outcomes and better advertiser experiences. AP Market Reports to be delivered in 2018 include:

The Measurement Report

With the proliferation of new platforms by which people consume media, audience measurement and consumer insights have become more important than ever to advertisers. Yet, measurement within these new platforms is complex, imperfect and constantly evolving. Advertisers, agencies and publishers struggle to make the best vendor choices to fit their specific needs and ultimately better their business.

Clients use the intelligence from the Measurement Report to understand market adoption of specific measurement products, obstacles and issues, decision-making and measurement needs at various stages of the measurement process. The Measurement Report tracks the leading measurement companies, providing overall market insights and specific advertiser perceptions of individual companies and solutions.

The Upfront / NewFront Report

What the marketplace thinks of your brand is vitally important to its success. For media companies, no one marketing effort affects marketplace attitudes like the Upfront and NewFront events that happen every spring. This report assesses the perceptions that advertisers have of these events and offers actionable critiques, insights and advice for improving the effectiveness of future presentations. It also reveals advertiser opinions, preferences and plans for next year’s Upfront/Newfront season. With guidance from the Upfront/Newfront Post-Presentation Report media brand executives can improve their future performance, results and experience for advertisers. The Upfront / NewFront Report measures the most attended Upfront/NewFront events, providing overall market insights and specific advertiser perceptions of individual media properties and companies.

The Mobile Intelligence Report

Mobile is transforming how advertisers reach their audiences.  Advertiser Perceptions analyzes this dynamic and fast-moving environment with an in-depth study of advertiser opinions and plans for mobile advertising. Subscribers to this Mobile Intelligence Report will gain a very current perspective of how advertisers think mobile is reshaping the advertising landscape. The Mobile Intelligence Report measures over 70 top media brands, providing overall market insights and specific advertiser perceptions of individual media properties and companies.

The Video Advertising Report

Digital video and data-enabled TV advertising continue are now mainstream. The challenges lay within the fractured distribution and consumption ecosystem.  With the introduction of Smart TV’s, OTT and Streaming Services (to name a few), what was once a simple advertiser decision has suddenly become complex.  Adding to the complexity, these advanced technologies also dilute audience reach and make it harder for advertisers to take a holistic approach.

Find out where the ad dollars are flowing, the reasons why, and who’s controlling the purse strings. The Video Advertising Report measures the leading digital video brands, TV networks and advanced TV players, providing overall market insights and specific advertiser perceptions of individual media properties and companies.

The Native Advertising and Branded Content Report

In the attention economy, advertisers are looking for every advantage to reach consumers in ways that fit into their lives. While advertorials, sponsorships, and product placement are not new to the industry, they have become more popular among advertisers.  Especially, as consumers continue to find ways to avoid advertising.

Advertiser opinions, plans and preferences for digital native advertising and linear TV sponsorships are explored in great depth for this report. Clients use the intelligence from the Native Advertising and Branded Content Report to make better-informed decisions about native advertising, strengthening their media brands and improving their advertiser experience in the process.  The Report measures the leading digital media brands and TV networks, providing market insights along with specific advertiser perceptions of individual media brands and companies.


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