Branded Content Report

2020 was a year when marketers were forced to rethink the content related to paid advertising in response to the seismic events impacting all of us. The pandemic and renewed social justice movements led to a departure from advertising-as-usual, with many sales-driven marketers pivoting up-funnel to more brand-building content programs to receptive audiences. The Branded Content Report offers insight into spend optimism, key players in the decision-making process and budget influencers, demand for bespoke content vs. sponsored content and pain points in the content program execution process.

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Branded Content Report Overview


A+E Networks, Atlantic Re:think (The Atlantic), BuzzFeed Studios (BuzzFeed), Condé Nast Creative Studio (CNX) , Discovery, Inc., Disney Creative Works , (incl. Hulu, ABC, ESPN Creative Works), Facebook, Hearst Made (Hearst), Insider Studios (Insider Inc.), Instagram, LinkedIn, NBCU , (incl. Content Studio, NBC News Custom Productions), Pandora, Pinterest, Roku, RYOT Studio (Verizon Media), Snapchat, Spotify, T Brand Studio (New York Times), The Foundry (Meredith), The Trust (Wall Street Journal), TikTok, ViacomCBS Velocity Studio, Vice+ (Vice), Vox Creative (Vox Media), WarnerMedia Brand Studios , (incl. Courageous, Fullscreen, Ignite, Playmaker), WP BrandStudio (Washington Post), YouTube


  • Manager and above job title
  • Involved in digital advertising/marketing decision making
  • Branded content past/planned use
  • Paid social use/planned use
  • Annual digital ad spend of $1 million or more


  • Spend optimism for branded/sponsored content
  • Primary team for branded/sponsored content marketing investment and decision-making
  • Top goals for branded/sponsored content campaigns
  • Benefits and challenges of branded content
  • Resources used for creative strategy, development/implementation and promotion/distribution
  • Partners on the short-list for branded entertainment/content programs
  • Excellence ratings of companies on creative strategy, development/implementation and promotion/distribution
  • And much more…
Programmatic Intelligence Report

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Sample Insights From The Branded Content Report

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Sample Insights From the Branded Content & Influencer Marketing Report