Client Marketing

Advertiser Perceptions’ Marketing Services can be used for increasing marketplace visibility and position a client as a valuable partner to advertisers. Clients use Advertiser Perceptions research for marketing, social campaigns, publicity, press, presentations and more. Our goal is to help you accurately present custom and syndicated findings to the best effect. Your Advertiser Perceptions account team will help you determine the best options available, and guide you through the process.

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Client Marketing Research

Client Marketing Overview

Our guidance can provide supplemental support to a client’s existing go-to-market resources and provide a fact-based foundation for product and service claims.


  • White Paper Development
  • Digital and Print Advertising
  • EMail Marketing
  • Press and Publicity
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Special Events & Webinars
  • Brochures, Presentations and Marketing Materials
Examples From Our Client Marketing Work