Coronavirus Effect on Advertising

The Coronavirus pandemic completely upended the globe. It has had substantial effects on people’s lives and livelihoods, and it has entirely transformed the way companies do business. In the advertising industry, we’ve all felt the immediate effects: Cancelled events, meetings and business trips. Work-from-home mandates that include hunkering down inside our houses and apartments alongside our entire families. And yes, even paused and pulled advertising campaigns.

But there are longer-term effects that must also be considered. To get a true pulse on how the advertising industry is being affected we went direct to marketers and agencies to understand what’s being done. This research is in our report, “Coronavirus Effect on Advertising Report,” giving you the latest insights and trends on how COVID-19 is affecting everything from ad spending patterns across media, geographies and formats to how companies are going to market with their ad creative and ad placements.



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Coronavirus Report Overview

This research helps advertising professionals understand:

  • The effect of the Coronavirus on ad spending – immediately and through the foreseeable future – including advertiser plans with specific media brands in the US.
  • Which media brands advertisers are pulling dollars from—and which they’re putting dollars into.
  • Whether media buyers are pausing, shifting or cancelling campaigns, and what they plan to do with those now unclaimed ad dollars.
  • How vertical advertisers most impacted by the pandemic (retail, sports, entertainment, etc) are responding to the crisis.
  • The degree to which spending will shift advertiser priorities for television, digital, print, audio, etc.
  • The effect of Coronavirus on both personal and professional habits and practices, including media consumption and media brand preferences.
  • What media sellers and ad tech companies can do to help advertisers overcome the issues the Coronavirus crisis presents in terms of ad spending and effectiveness.
  • How advertisers predict they will conduct business with media sellers and ad tech companies, and for how long – including travel, meetings, and industry event activity like the Upfronts / NewFronts.
  • Ad spending and how it is affected by supply chain issues, consumer buying behavior, large-scale quarantines, Coronavirus media content, and more.
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Sample Insights From The Coronavirus Report

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Sample Insights From the Coronavirus Report