Digital Advertising In Retail Report

At a time when digital media in retail is rapidly evolving, marketers, retailers, media and ad tech platforms are collaborating and often competing to connect with shoppers and buyers at every stage of the consumer journey – from awareness to exploration to purchase – and beyond. The Digital Advertising in Retail Report (DAR) surveys leading marketers to understand how they use digital advertising to create awareness, engagement, conversion and loyalty.

The study explores the new rules of digital retail marketing, including the usage of Market Development Funds, and MDFs standing in the digital marketing mix. DAR also benchmarks and tracks which retailers, digital media and ad tech brands are perceived as the leaders and what criteria are most important to marketers when selecting a retail media and technology partner.

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Mobile Advertising Report

DAR Report Overview




  • Defining the new retail marketing decision makers. How do brand marketers and shopper marketers work together to create a holistic approach across the consumer journey?
  • Exploring the evolving relationship between retailers, manufacturers and consumers. Who has the leverage? Who controls the data?
  • What is the potential of digital advertising in retail? How are concerns over siloed groups, data activation issues, resource constraints, measurement, and security limitations holding back on the promise?
  • How are Market Development Funds flowing into digital advertising? How are (or aren’t) they integrated with typical ad campaigns?
  • Which retailers, digital media and ad tech brands are perceived as the leaders? Who do marketers trust? What are the key criteria marketers are looking for from their primary partners?
Sample Insights From The Mobile Advertising Report