Digital Campaign Management

The Digital Campaign Management Report (DCMR) delivers groundbreaking business intelligence and direction for managing higher levels of advertiser satisfaction throughout all stages of the digital ad campaign journey. This report focuses on how the entire organization is actively managing the campaign process, providing clients with insights that can help with renewing and up-selling large digital and branded content ad campaigns.

Make data-driven, advertiser-informed business decisions. Contact us today to check the status / health of your brand, and find out how our data-driven insights can help you achieve greater business success.


DCMR Report Overview


ABC Entertainment , ABC News , Amazon Advertising, Bleacher Report, CNN, eBay, ESPN , Facebook, Fox Entertainment, Fox Sports, Google Display ads, Hulu, Instagram, LinkedIn, Meredith Digital, Microsoft Advertising, NBC News, NBC Sports, Pandora, Pinterest, Snapchat, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal Digital Network (including Market Watch), Twitch, Twitter, Verizon Media, Vevo, ViacomCBS, Vox Media, Walmart Media Group, Washington Post, YouTube, Atlantic Re:think (The Atlantic), BuzzFeed Studios (BuzzFeed), Condé Nast Creative Studio, Content Studio NBCUniversal, Courageous Studios (CNN), Hearst Made (Hearst), Insider Studios (Insider Inc.), T Brand Studio (New York Times), The Foundry @ Meredith, The Trust (Wall Street Journal), Viacom Velocity (Viacom), Virtue (Vice), Vice+ (Vice), WP BrandStudio (WashPo), Vox Creative (Vox Media), Ignite Studios (WarnerMedia), Disney Creative Works


  • Manager and above job title
  • Involved in Digital Advertising
  • Involved in at least one phase of the overall media buying process
  • Current/Past user of at least one brand or studio covered in survey
  • Has direct campaign involvement for at least one phase for a digital media company or content studio


  • Best practices for advertiser retention
  • Perceptions of digital media brand and content studio teams at the different stages of the campaign process (from RFP to Post Campaign Reporting)
  • Satisfaction benchmark relative to the competition
  • Insight into areas that deliver competitive advantage
  • Insights for improvement
  • And much more…
Programmatic Intelligence Report

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Sample Insights From The DCMR Report

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Sample Insights From the Digital Campaign Management Report