The Digital Campaign Management Report


The Digital Campaign Management Report (DCMR) delivers groundbreaking business intelligence and direction for managing higher-levels of advertiser satisfaction throughout all stages of the digital ad campaign process. The report is focused on providing you with insights that can help with renewing and up-selling large digital ad campaigns, by focusing on how the entire organization is actively managing the process. More than 50 leading media brands are measured.


The Important Questions DCMR Answers

  • Is My Company Doing a Good Job Servicing Large Digital Campaigns?
  • Are We as Good as the Competition?
  • What Parts of the Entire Process Can We Improve Upon?
  • Where Does Management Need to Allocate More Resources?
  • Determine How to Best Approach a “Friction-Less” Advertiser Experience


DCMR Helps Your Media Brand…

  • Create A System Enabling Digital Media Brands to Track Overall Client Satisfaction.
  • Reveal How Digital Media Brand Teams Are Being Perceived at The Different Stages of The Campaign Process
  • Understand Satisfaction Levels of Advertising Partners
  • Benchmark Satisfaction in Comparison to The Competition
  • Provide Insight into Areas That Deliver Competitive Advantage
  • Provide Insights for Improvement
  • Uncover Best Practices for Advertiser Retention and Provide the Opportunity to Increase Digital Advertising Spend


What DCMS Measures

  • Stage 1: Campaign Briefing
  • Stage 2: Creative Ideas and Planning
  • Stage 3: Creative Development and Buying Implementation
  • Stage 4: Launch, Monitor and Optimize
  • Stage 5: Post Campaign Analysis



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