The Digital Campaign Management Report

The Digital Campaign Management Report (DCMR) delivers groundbreaking business intelligence and direction for managing higher levels of advertiser satisfaction throughout all stages of the digital ad campaign journey. The report is focused on providing you with insights that can help with renewing and up-selling large digital ad campaigns, by focusing on how the entire organization is actively managing the process. More than 40 leading media brands are measured.

The Important Questions DCMR Answers

  • Is My Company Doing a Good Job Servicing Large Digital Campaigns?
  • Are We as Good as the Competition?
  • What Parts of the Entire Process Can We Improve Upon?
  • Where Does Management Need to Allocate More Resources?
  • What is the Best Approach for a “Frictionless” Advertiser Experience?

DCMR Helps Your Media Brand…

  • Uncover Best Practices for Advertiser Retention and Provide the Opportunity to Increase Digital Advertising Spend
  • Reveal How Digital Media Brand Teams Are Being Perceived at The Different Stages of The Campaign Process
  • Understand Satisfaction Levels of Advertising Partners
  • Benchmark Satisfaction in Comparison to The Competition
  • Provide Insight into Areas That Deliver Competitive Advantage
  • Provide Insights for Improvement

What DCMR Measures

  • Stage 1: Campaign Briefing
  • Stage 2: Creative Ideas and Planning
  • Stage 3: Creative Development and Buying Implementation
  • Stage 4: Launch, Monitor and Optimize
  • Stage 5: Post Campaign Analysis


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