The Measurement Report

With the proliferation of new platforms by which people consume media, audience measurement and consumer insights have become more important than ever to advertisers. Yet, measurement within these new platforms is complex, imperfect and constantly evolving. Advertisers, agencies and publishers struggle to make the best vendor choices to fit their specific needs and ultimately better their business.

Clients use the intelligence from the Measurement Report to understand advertiser needs and concerns, including the most valuable types of media / ad measurement, key benchmarks, consensus measurement definitions, observations on accuracy and real-time campaign management, obstacles to campaign attribution, perceptions of measurement / analytics providers, evaluations of media brand partners re: measurement / analytics delivery, and much more.

Important Issues The Measurement Report Covers

  • Types of measurement most valuable when evaluating media placements and campaign performance
  • Advertiser definition of “engagement” with an advertisement
  • Perception of the overall accuracy of determining the touchpoints responsible for the success of ad campaigns
  • Obstacles to better determining campaign attribution
  • Current and projected use of “last click” attribution model
  • Level of concern with the impact that ad fraud and non-human traffic have on digital advertising efforts and percentage of ad budget being lost to fraud, bots, non-human traffic
  • Number of data sources typically used when planning, buying, optimizing or evaluating campaigns
  • Instance of different data sources provided conflicting data/information and how the issue is resolved
  • Instance of alignment between KPIs measured by media partners and KPIs clients need
  • Preferred method of receiving ad campaign measurement data/results from media partners?
  • Importance of various types of measurement for programmatic advertising
  • Biggest gaps between what advertisers need and what is typically delivered for the measurement of programmatic advertising
  • Satisfaction with the programmatic measurement capabilities/offerings available today
  • Usage of 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data for measurement and level of trust for each
  • Frequency of campaign KPIs measurement
  • Importance of real-time campaign measurement
  • Benchmarks used to measure the success of ad campaigns and which are most valuable
  • Willingness to forego measurement on an ad campaign if the associated costs are too high
  • Highest premium willing to pay for measurement
  • Preferred measurement/analytics provider
  • Media partners best delivering campaign measurement/analytics
  • Impact of availability of high quality, actionable measurement on which media partners advertisers use

The Measurement Report Helps Your Media Brand…

  • Understand Current Advertiser Attitudes Towards Measurement Tools
  • Reveal Roadblocks Impacting Advertising Budgets and Unmet Measurement Needs
  • Determine Which Measurement Partners Advertisers Are Currently Using
  • Provide Insight into How Advertisers Choose Measurement Partners
  • Uncover Who Advertisers See as Leaders

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