The Measurement Report

With the proliferation of new platforms by which people consume media, audience measurement and consumer insights have become more important than ever to advertisers. Yet, measurement within these new platforms is complex, imperfect and constantly evolving. Advertisers, agencies and publishers struggle to make the best vendor choices to fit their specific needs and ultimately better their business.

Clients use the intelligence from the Measurement Report to understand market adoption of specific measurement products, obstacles and issues, decision-making and measurement needs at various stages of the measurement process. The Measurement Report tracks the leading measurement companies, providing overall market insights and specific advertiser perceptions of individual companies and solutions.

The Important Questions The Measurement Report Answers

  • Biggest Measurement Issues Facing Advertisers Today
  • Budgetary Impact of Inadequate Measurement
  • Types of Measurement Most Valuable for Evaluating Media Placements and Campaign Performance
  • Perceptions of Audience Measurement Tools and Ad Effectiveness Measurement Tools
  • Familiarity with and Importance of Performance Guarantees
  • Importance of Cross-Screen Measurement Accuracy
  • Sources Advertisers Use to Learn About New Measurement Opportunities/Offerings
  • Which Companies Are Top of Mind for Audience Measurement and Ad Effectiveness Research
  • Companies Best Positioned to Provide Thought Leadership Resources
  • Companies Used for Ad Effectiveness Research, Audience Measurement, Brand Safety Measurement, Viewability, Location/Visit-Based Attribution and Cross-Platform measurement in the Past 12 Months
  • Vendor/Partner Selection Criteria
  • Identification of Leaders in Advertising Measurement

The Measurement Report Helps Your Media Brand…

  • Understand Current Advertiser Attitudes Towards Measurement Tools
  • Reveal Roadblocks Impacting Advertising Budgets and Unmet Measurement Needs
  • Determine Which Measurement Partners Advertisers Are Currently Using
  • Provide Insight into How Advertisers Choose Measurement Partners
  • Uncover Who Advertisers See as Leaders

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