Advertising Measurement Report

With the proliferation of new platforms by which people consume media, audience measurement and consumer insights have become more important than ever to advertisers. Yet, measurement within these new platforms is complex, imperfect and constantly evolving. Advertisers, agencies and publishers struggle to make the best vendor choices to fit their specific needs and ultimately better their business. This unique and proprietary Advertising Measurement Report delivers the Industry’s best look at what advertising decision makers – both Marketers and Agencies– think about the data, measurement, and research tools that they use on a daily basis.

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Measurement Report

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Measurement Report Overview



  • Used advertising measurement/analytics or ad effectiveness research in past 6 months
  • Involved in at least one of the following about measurement: Make strategic/high-level decisions, Determine overall budget allocations, Evaluate/recommend/approve providers, Implement measurement tools and/or research, Evaluate campaign performance based on measurement
  • Minimum $5 Million Total Ad Spend in Next 12 Months


  • Market adoption: familiarity and usage of specific measurement products
  • Obstacles and issues: accuracy, reliability, consistency across providers
  • Evaluation of measurement products: who are the leaders and what are they doing right
  • Decision makers within organizations: who is deciding what products to use
  • Measurement needs at various stages of the process: planning, optimizing, effectiveness
  • Industry watchdogs: TAG, IAB’s viewability standards, MRC Accreditation
Sample Insights From the Measurement Report