Advertising Measurement Report

The proliferation of new media platforms makes media and audience measurement and consumer insight more challenging, yet more important than ever. But measurement within these new platforms is complex, imperfect and constantly changing. Advertisers, agencies and publishers alike struggle to make the best measurement choices to fit their specific needs and ultimately better their businesses.

The Advertising Effectiveness Signals & Measurement Solutions Report provides a deep dive into advertisers’ attitudes towards, confidence in, and usage of advertising measurement – from audience measurement to advertising effectiveness, first-party data to third-party and syndicated data.

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Advertising Measurement Report Overview


  • Manager and above job title
  • Annual ad budget of $5M+
  • Used measurement past 6 months
  • Very/somewhat involved in advertising measurement and ad effectiveness research
  • Involved in specific decision-making or use of measurement or research


  • Top campaign KPIs by media type
  • Actions taken when campaigns do not meet KPIs
  • Impact of “cookieless” advertising on campaign planning, buying, optimization and reporting
  • Past 6-month usage and challenges to using measurement tools (cross-platform multi-touch attribution, external analytics, ad effectiveness research, last-click attribution, location-based attribution, media mix modeling, sales-lift research, verification analytics)
  • Usage of measurement companies by tool
  • And much more…
Programmatic Intelligence Report

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Sample Insights From The Measurement Report

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Sample Insights From the Measurement Report