Spend Monitor Report

As social distancing rules relax across the country and sporting events resume in 2021 and into 2022, Advertiser Perceptions is shifting our Coronavirus Effect on Advertising work to focus on two key topics – spending and media strategy / planning.

The Advertiser Perceptions Spend Monitor tracks advertiser spend sentiment and the long-term implications of the pandemic on media strategy, planning and buying. Specifically, the Spend Monitor captures projected advertiser spend by medium, prioritization of media channels and advertiser confidence that spending will proceed as planned. Vertical insights will be available for the following categories: Auto, CPG, Finance, Retail, Tech/Telecommunications and Travel.

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Spend Monitor Report Overview


  • Manager and above job title
  • $1 million or more annual ad spend
  • Involved in ad decision-making
  • General or detailed knowledge of company’s overall ad budgets/spending
  • General or detailed knowledge of spending for at least one media type


  • Forecasted Year-Over-Year Change in Ad Spend (by Quarter, by Vertical)
  • Forecasted Spend Allocation (by Media Type)
  • Forecasted Change in Ad Spending (by Media Type)
  • Timeline for Spending to Return to Pre-Pandemic Levels (by Media Type)
  • Economic and Business indicators to resume spending
  • And much more…
Programmatic Intelligence Report

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Sample Insights From The Spend Monitor Report

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Sample Insights From the Spend Monitor Report