Spend Monitor

As Covid-19 spikes and social distancing rules fluctuate across the country, Advertiser Perceptions is shifting our Coronavirus Effect on Advertising work to focus on two key topics – spending and the long-term implications of the pandemic on media strategy, planning and buying.

Every two months, Advertiser Perceptions tracks advertiser spend sentiment. Specifically, capturing projected advertiser spend by medium, prioritization of media channels and advertiser confidence that spending will proceed as planned. In addition to spend sentiment, each wave focuses on a topic impacting buying behavior, e.g., Programmatic, Video, Agency/Marketer relationship and vertical-specific trends.

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Mobile Advertising Report

Spend Monitor Overview


Qualified Respondents

  • The study surveys 300 advertisers and include both agencies and marketers. Vertical insights are available for the following categories: Auto, CPG, Finance, Retail, Tech/Telecommunications and Travel.


Topics Covered

Advertiser Spend Sentiment Tracking:

  • Projected advertiser spending by media channel
  • Signals that advertisers, by vertical market, are seeking to guide their projections

Long-term Implications on Media Strategy, Planning, and Buying:

  • Evolution of Agency, Marketer and Media Company relationships post-pandemic
  • Changes in ad tech marketplace
  • Impact of COVID-19 on video content and advertising
Sample Insights From The Mobile Advertising Report