The Native Advertising & Branded Content Report

In the attention economy, advertisers are looking for every advantage to reach consumers in ways that fit into their lives. While advertorials, sponsorships, and product placement are not new to the industry, they have become more popular among advertisers.  Especially, as consumers continue to find ways to avoid advertising. Native advertising/branded content has resonated as a valuable tool with advertisers as they look for new ways to connect with these distracted consumers. The Native Advertising and Branded Content Report explores advertiser opinions, plans and preferences for native advertising and branded content across digital and television media.

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Native Advertising & Branded Content Report

Native Ad & Branded Content Report Overview



  • Involved in Digital Advertising and/or Television Advertising
  • Currently Use Native Advertising /Branded Content


  • What are your buying preferences? Programmatically? Direct with publisher? Through a network?
  • Preferred metrics to measure effectiveness
  • Percent of total budgets allocated towards native (from 2015 to 2018)
  • What companies/brands do you identify as a leader in native?
Sample Insights From the Native Advertising & Branded Content Report