The Podcast Market Report

The growing importance of podcasts within the advertising industry cannot be ignored. With numerous streaming platforms, rapidly evolving audio advertising technology, and an ever-expanding collection of content, there is a need for relevant information and effective sales strategies. The Podcast Market Report assesses the unique role of podcasts in the marketplace and provides insight into their impact on the future of the industry. This study, developed in partnership with audio heavyweights, is calibrated and finely tuned to the needs, questions, and goals of those in the industry.

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Mobile Advertising Report

Podcast Market Report Overview

Topics Covered Include:

  • How savvy are advertisers when it comes to podcasts? Where should sellers focus their education efforts?
  • Where do podcasts fit in the buying chain – are advertisers funding podcasts from budgets earmarked for audio, test & learn, etc.?
  • Is there an opportunity for podcasts to compete with non-audio budgets?
  • How do advertisers want to buy podcast inventory – direct or via ad tech platforms?
  • How are advertisers evaluating success? Which measurement capabilities and performance metrics are most important?
  • Benchmarking funnel metrics and perceptions of leading podcast networks and major publisher podcasts
Sample Insights From The Mobile Advertising Report