The Programmatic Intelligence Report

The digital advertising ecosystem continues to fragment as innovative technology firms find new ways to create and add value. Each company and innovation that is developed adds another layer of complexity and with it another potential point of confusion for marketers, their agencies and publishers alike. With three modules, DSPs, DMPs and SSPs, the Programmatic Intelligence Report (PIR) helps media executives make sense of what advertisers and publishers think of programmatic advertising.

PIR measures the leading platforms, providing overall market insights and specific advertiser perceptions of individual media properties and ad tech companies.

The Important Questions PIR Answers

  • Ad Tech and Programmatic: General Market Views and Intentions
  • What is driving the growth of programmatic? (Efficiency, Scale, Revenue, New Audiences, etc.)
  • What is getting in the way? (Fraud, Transparency, etc.)
  • The role of the agency and the rise of in-house marketer capabilities
  • What marketers and agencies want from ad tech partners
  • Current and Projected Spend and Inventory Allocations in Programmatic
  • Share of Programmatic Media Spend/Allocation Vis-À-Vis Other Media
  • Share of Programmatic in Mobile, Video, Display, Search, Native
  • Buyer Perceptions of Ad Tech Channels (DSP, DMP, SSP)
  • Familiarity, Consideration, Usage, Satisfaction, Advocacy by Channel Category
  • Vendor/Partner Selection Criteria, Preferences for Engagement, By Channel Category
  • Identification of Leaders in Ad Tech

PIR Helps Your Media Brand…

  • Understand and Take Advantage of Programmatic Buyers’ Intentions
  • Reveal How Programmatic Buyers Perceive Your Brand, Marketing, And Sales and Support Teams
  • Understand Satisfaction Levels of Programmatic Partners Including Agencies and Marketers
  • Benchmark Your Programmatic Offerings in Comparison to The Competition
  • Provide Insight into Areas That Deliver Competitive Advantage
  • Provide Insights for Improvement
  • Uncover Best Practices for Programmatic Advertiser Retention

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