Proprietary Advertiser Insights


We are the leader in conducting custom and proprietary advertiser research. With access around the world, we successfully conduct studies for clients needing advertiser insight in the United States and on a global basis. Types of proprietary insights include (but are not limited to):

Brand Positioning

Brand Positioning research and tracking will ensure that our clients’ marketing communication with advertisers is effective in differentiating its media brand from the competition on an ongoing basis. The objective of positioning research and analysis is to determine the optimal path for gaining and maintaining a unique and compelling place in the market and competitive advantage in the process.

Example: Advertiser Perceptions developed a research-informed “exploration” regarding a potential name-change for a television network, determining the forward-looking impact on its advertising opportunities and tracking its brand vibrancy moving forward.

Market Opportunity

Market Opportunity research is conducted on behalf of clients wanting to explore the opportunity for a new product, brand extension, expanded geography, and more. These custom studies are designed to test feasibility and potential for success among media decision makers in the advertising community.

Example: Advertiser Perceptions launched a global study on behalf of a large multi-national media brand to explore and size the potential opportunity for its new digital / mobile products and services.


Go-to-Market research and tracking explores the impact of your marketing and selling efforts throughout the advertiser experience process. These proprietary insights can uncover and document how well your marketing communications are being received and understood, or how your sales team is delivering on what’s most important to their advertisers and prospects.

Example: Advertiser Perceptions conducted research and analysis to determine a television network’s sales effectiveness and how it should be improved. The analysis provided insights by region, team and vertical ad category. Actionable results were used to inform a new and more effective go-to-market approach.

Thought Leadership

For clients wanting to strengthen their reputation and position themselves as a leader in the marketplace through their association with a key issue of importance to advertisers, thought leadership research is the answer. We conduct custom and proprietary studies each year for clients wishing to begin such a dialog in the market.

Example: For a digital media brand wanting to establish itself as a leader in a new digital arena, Advertiser Perceptions conducted thought leadership research that revealed and tracked advertisers’ evolving priorities, attitudes, usage, challenges, and plans regarding digital marketing and media channels.

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Omnibus Panels

Our clients have the opportunity to gain proprietary answers to their own questions. Every month, clients submit custom questions for our Advertiser Omnibus Panel to answer. The Panel is comprised of more than 300 U.S. media decision makers representing large advertisers, both agencies and marketers, across all titles and 16 major ad categories…all qualified as being involved in making digital, television, mobile, radio and/or print media decisions.


Seat at the Table Events

Advertiser Perceptions offers an intelligent approach for connecting media sellers with advertisers (marketers and agency professionals) in a unique and proprietary environment conducive to increasing knowledge, advertiser satisfaction and business. Our Seat at the Table events foster better communication and collaboration among media brand executives and influential advertisers. The insights and direction derived from these meetings are focused on helping media brands strengthen their position in the marketplace, gain competitive advantage, increase sales, and improve advertiser satisfaction. Through these face-to-face meetings, our clients increase business via new and closer relationships, while gaining insights aimed at enhancing their go-to-market strategies and tactics.


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Our Experts

Advertiser Perceptions media, marketing and agency consultants leverage our proprietary library of data-driven insights to build meaningful and customized business intelligence solutions– providing clients with the information and guidance for solving their biggest sales and marketing challenges.

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