Proprietary Client Research

Advertiser Perceptions is the leader in conducting custom and proprietary advertiser research. With access around the world, we develop and conduct studies for clients needing advertiser insight. We deliver the expertise and guidance necessary for effectively conducting turnkey custom and proprietary advertiser research on behalf of clients, where they may gain access to insights through a managed solution based on responsive advertiser panels and a network of partner panels from around the world.

Make data-driven, advertiser-informed business decisions. Contact us today to check the status / health of your brand, and find out how our data-driven insights can help you achieve greater business success.


Examples of Proprietary Client Research

Brand Positioning research and KPI tracking will ensure that our clients’ marketing communication with advertisers is effective in differentiating its media brand from the competition on an ongoing basis. The objective of positioning research and analysis is to determine the optimal path for gaining and maintaining a unique and compelling place in the market and competitive advantage in the process.

Understand the key differences in specific vertical markets before applying a vertical approach to your company’s sales organization. Specifically, what is important to decision making in these verticals and how is your brand perceived versus the competition?

Market Opportunity research is conducted on behalf of clients wanting to explore the opportunity for a new product, brand extension, expanded geography, and more. These custom studies are designed to test feasibility and potential for success among media decision makers in the advertising community.

Go-to-Market research and tracking explores the impact of your marketing and selling efforts throughout the advertiser experience process. These proprietary insights can uncover and document how well your marketing communications are being received and understood, or how your sales team is delivering on what’s most important to their advertisers and prospects.

For clients wanting to strengthen their reputation and position themselves as a leader in the marketplace through their association with a key issue of importance to advertisers, thought leadership research is the answer. We conduct custom and proprietary studies each year for clients wishing to begin such a dialog in the market.

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Examples of Proprietary Client Research

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Examples of Proprietary Client Research