Thought Leadership Research

In a crowded and fractured media landscape, thought leadership answers the questions on the minds of your target audience, helping them make better marketing decisions. And thought leadership white papers, advertising, social media activity, and press initiatives all present a depth of knowledge and unique insights, ultimately offering value to your potential and existing customers and identifying your company as uniquely positioned to help them with the big issues they face every day. For clients wanting to strengthen their reputation and position themselves as a leader in the marketplace through their association with a key issue of importance to advertisers, Advertiser Perceptions’ thought leadership research is the answer. We conduct custom and proprietary studies each year for clients wishing to begin such a dialog in the market.

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Thought Leadership Overview

For any media brand or ad tech company wanting to establish itself as a leader in a new market, Advertiser Perceptions conducts thought leadership research that reveals and tracks advertisers’ evolving priorities, attitudes, usage, challenges, and plans regarding advertising, technology, and media channels.


  • Generate buzz and become a part of the conversation
  • Establish a category leadership position through education
  • Differentiate yourself from your competitors
  • Open doors to new consumer relationships
  • Inspire your consumer to act
Examples From Our Thought Leadership Work