The Trust In Advertising Report

In the current climate, advertisers are balancing multiple priorities: “keeping-the-lights on” during the social distancing-imposed economic contraction, while also managing perceptions of their brands as allies and accelerants to social good. When advertising returns to a more “normal” state, trust will only be more critical as a KPI for business health.

Advertiser Perceptions equips media providers with insights that help them navigate the industry mandate to restore trust across the ecosystem, recognizing it as a key ingredient of overall business recovery. This report is designed to:


  • Better understand how advertisers prioritize the dimensions of trust in decision-making
  • Reveal what lapses in trust have led to de-funding a given partner
  • Enable media and advertising providers to cultivate their own trust profiles

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Mobile Advertising Report

Trust Report Overview

Topics Covered

  • Incorporating trust into brand strategy.

  • Consideration of trust in evaluating campaigns and partnerships.

  • Top priorities in determining trust.

  • Where trust breaks down and how to build a strong trust profile.

  • Media brand reputation and values as the impact of the pandemic continues and social justice movements move forward with renewed fervor.

Sample Insights From The Mobile Advertising Report