The Upfront / NewFront Report

The relationships that are forged and furthered at Upfront and NewFront events result in measurable results for media companies. Event attendees advertise with more media brands than non-attendees, and the events help them decide where to spend their advertising budget. This report assesses the perceptions that advertisers have of leading television networks’ and digital media brands’ Upfront/Newfront presentations.  Clients receive actionable critiques, insights and advice for improving the effectiveness of future presentations.

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Upfront / NewFront Report Overview



  • Involved in advertising spending decisions for TV and/or Digital/Mobile Video
  • National Advertisers
  • TV group must plan to spend at least $5M in next 12 months for advertising
  • Digital/Mobile Video group must plan to spend at least $1M in the next 12 months for advertising


  • Impact Upfront/Newfronts have on budget decisions
  • Criteria that compel advertisers to spend more during Upfront/Newfronts
  • Budget allocations for Upfront/Newfronts vs. Scatter
  • Interest in TV advertising behavioral guarantees