The Video Convergence Report

Video convergence is here. Video advertising convergence…not so much. Today’s consumer doesn’t differentiate between linear TV, digital video, and over-the-top options when viewing content. Yet, reaching consumers across the myriad video options remains a challenge for advertisers. Even the way advertisers think about various video advertising opportunities varies widely.

To capture advertiser spending across all video opportunities, this study asks respondents about their “sight-sound-motion” budgets and offers insights around how advertisers are approaching video advertising in a world where video is everywhere.  As technological advances enable video across more platforms to more devices, consumers’ consumption habits have resulted in a crowded and fractured video ecosystem that becomes more of a challenge for advertisers.

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Video Advertising Convergence Report

Video Convergence Report Overview



  • 100% involved in media brand selection decisions for both digital/mobile video AND television National Advertisers
  • Will spend at least $1 million on digital video, cable TV, broadcast TV or advanced/interactive TV in the next 12 months


  • Where are the video ad dollars flowing to/from and why?
  • What percentage of digital video is bought programmatically?
  • What percentage of digital video is allocated to mobile?
  • Preferences of video format: of short-form vs. long-form
  • What companies are leaders in digital video and why?
Sample Insights From the Video Advertising Convergence Report