Upfront / NewFront Impact Report

Historically, the relationships forged and furthered at Upfront and NewFront events resulted in measurable results for media companies. COVID-19 and subsequent quarantine policies forced media companies to pivot their approach and explore new ways of engaging with advertisers. The Upfront / NewFront Impact Report continues to track Upfront investment, presentation attendance and advertiser perceptions of those presentations in addition to advertiser attitudes toward the future of the Upfronts, quality of virtual events vs. in person and the preferred event calendar moving forward. Clients receive actionable critiques, insights and advice for improving the effectiveness of future presentations.

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Upfront / NewFront Report Overview


UPFRONTS, A+E Networks, Amazon, AMC Networks, BBC News, Discovery, Disney Ad Sales, Fox , Freewheel, Meredith Corporation, NBCUniversal, The CW, The New York Times, The Recount, Twitter, Univision, Verizon Media, Viacom/CBS, Walmart/Vudu, Warner Brothers, WarnerMedia

NEWFRONTS, 3Blackdot, American Public Media, Barstool Sports, Condé Nast, Crackle Plus, Digitas, Ellen Digital Network, Facebook, Forbes, Google/YouTube, GSTV, Hulu, NPR, Quantcast, Roku, Samsung Ads, Snapchat, Team Whistle, The Wall Street Journal/Barron’s Group, TikTok, Tivo, Tremor Video, TruOptik, Tubi, Vevo, Vibenomics, Vice Media Group, Xandr


  • Manager and above job title
  • Attended presentation, defined as:
    • Attended a media company’s video presentation open to all marketers and agencies
    • Attended a media company’s video presentation to my (agency/company)
    • Phone conversation specifically about Upfront/NewFronts opportunities with a media company’s sales representative
  • Involved in Digital Video or TV advertising decision-making
  • Minimum $5 million spend on TV advertising
  • Minimum $1 million spend on Digital Video advertising


  • Upfront budget allocation year-over-year and drivers of Upfront investment
  • Attitudes toward the structure of the Upfronts, preferred Upfront calendar and most compelling TV/video marketplace reforms
  • Upfront/NewFront presentation attendance
  • Most important factors when deciding which media companies to buy “Upfront”
  • Perceptions of presentations: overall impact, research presented, clear vision of programming opportunities, pre-event communications, etc.
  • And much more…
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Sample Insights From The Upfront / NewFront Report

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Sample Insights From the Upfront / NewFront Report