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Our consultants combine data-driven business intelligence with decades of advertising industry

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At, we provide the essential insights and guidance needed for marketers and agencies to make smarter advertising decisions. As a subscriber (it’s FREE) you can also get access to our weekly industry insights and to all of the underlying data-driven business intelligence.


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For more than fifteen years our clients have benefited from what we do exceptionally well —

determining, analyzing, communicating and applying what advertisers think,

what they do and what drives them to action.


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We invite you to schedule a complimentary briefing where we’ll share data-driven research

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We Help the Ad Industry’s Top Companies Succeed in a Complex and Competitive Market

Data-Driven, Business Intelligence for The Advertising Industry

Advertiser Perceptions is the global leader in data-driven business intelligence for the advertising industry. Our exclusive insights, practical advice and expert guidance produce solutions that deliver results and enable our clients to thrive in today’s complex and competitive advertising market.

Delivering Comprehensive, Consultative Solutions

We provide data-informed, consultative solutions critical to the success of the leading media and ad tech companies, agencies and marketers. Through our advertiser intelligence and advisory services, we work with clients to investigate, analyze and interpret the insights that we collect, and then develop solutions specific to meeting the individual challenges that they face.

Essential Business Intelligence for Media Brands, Agencies, Ad Tech, Marketers and Investors

Advertiser Perceptions delivers the unique insight and expert guidance necessary for our clients to gain competitive advantage and grow in today’s advertising industry. Exclusively focused on the global advertising market, our experienced consultants supply clients with an unbiased, fact-based view of the market, their brands, and their customers – with analysis and solutions tailored to their specific KPIs and business objectives.

Advertisers Full Speed Ahead on Mobile – For Now

Advertiser Perceptions report shows audience remains the catalyst, programmatic buying is on the rise. NEW YORK, NY – As smartphones get smarter and people spend more time on them, advertisers intend to keep spending more on mobile, according to a new Mobile...

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Trust Issues Weigh On Digital More Than Many Think

Advertiser Perceptions finds marketers growing even more cautious about ad spending with social platforms. NEW YORK, NY – Third-party verification can’t come too soon to digital media, as the combination of bot fraud, fake news and audience restatements has 50% of...

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We invite you to schedule a complimentary briefing where we’ll share data-driven insights related to your brand. For more information about our services or to arrange a briefing, please contact us at 212-626- 6683 or

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