A Customized Approach to Meet Your Most Pressing Challenges

Through rigorous investigation of the marketplace and its players, we provide media companies with fresh, actionable business insights, innovative solutions, and unparallelled personal service.  We interpret what it all means, giving ad industry executives a peek into what will likely happen in the marketplace moving forward, helping them plan for and solve their most pressing challenges.

In-depth Actionable Insights That Drive Results

Our approach to solving clients’ challenges is always based on data-driven, market-based and brand-specific facts, resulting in actionable intelligence. Our singular focus and ad industry experience enable us to accurately mine the marketplace for collective wisdom, then analyze, interpret and report the findings – bringing together data-driven advertiser intelligence and hands-on industry experience to create solutions that deliver results for our clients.

Review the Market, Determine Objectives

Identify Client Challenges, Seek Opportunities

Collect Data, Analyze and Interpret Findings, Gain Direction

Develop Strategies, Recommend Solutions



Measure Results and Track Progress

We Provide Solutions to the Entire Advertising Community

We work with media company and ad tech clients to help strengthen their brands and increase their sales, and with agencies to improve client retention and generate new business. We supply marketers with peer group data for informing smarter advertising decisions, and provide investors with industry intelligence for making better investment decisions.

Media Companies

Strengthening Brands and Increasing Ad Sales


Improving Client Retention and Generating New Business


Making Smart Advertising / Media Decisions


Unique Intelligence for Better Investment Decisions

Data-driven Solutions For Every Business Need

Advertiser Journey and Experience

Ensure advertiser satisfaction before, during and after the sale.

Media companies’ and agencies’ best opportunities for growth rest in the hands of their advertisers — past, present and future. The companies that deliver a superior, frictionless advertiser experience that is consistent with advertiser needs will often, succeed over the ones that don’t. Advertiser Perceptions delivers both the method and the insight necessary for developing and managing advertiser experience. Through more than a decade of research, analysis and client-work on the topic, we have identified the framework necessary to deliver a superior advertiser experience. We have uncovered the correlation between positive advertiser experience and ongoing business. And have developed a rigorous process for managing advertiser experience on an ongoing basis.

Advertiser Perception Tracking and Management

Discover how your brand is perceived and take appropriate actions to manage that perception in a positive direction.

Change is constant. Simply keeping up isn’t enough. Success requires staying well ahead of the shifting marketplace and the competition. It demands accurate business intelligence for the development of proactive strategies based on what advertisers are thinking — their plans, perceptions and motivations. It calls for the creation of an ongoing system that tracks what advertisers think of your brand making sure that you are competitive, meeting the needs of advertisers, and ensuring an easy and satisfying business relationship on an ongoing basis.  Advertiser Perceptions provides the process and guidance for discovering how your brand is perceived and taking the appropriate actions to manage that perception in a positive direction.

Agency Pitch Optimization

Go beyond the client RFP and brief to develop plans that lead to positive outcomes.

What’s in the RFP may not always lead to new business success.  Knowing what drives advertisers’ agency selection decisions is critical to winning their business.  Understanding the differences that exist between vertical markets and making sure your agency’s pitch is focused on what’s most important is essential.  Advertiser Perceptions offers the insights and advisory services necessary for going beyond the client RFP to develop plans and approaches that lead to more positive outcomes.

Agency Client Retention

Determine agency-client satisfaction levels and implement strategies for improving it.

Are your current clients willing to recommend your agency to their co-workers and colleagues in the industry?  Are they likely to review your agency in the next 12-months?  What are the reasons why?  How does your agency’s level of satisfaction and likelihood to be reviewed compare to the competition?  What can you do about it?   Advertiser Perceptions has the answers to those questions and along with proprietary insights and trending, can deliver advisory services for implementing strategies that will improve agency client retention.

Competitive Intelligence and Best Practices

Know where your brand stands in comparison to the competition and take the steps necessary for gaining competitive advantage. 

What do advertisers think of your competition?  How does your brand compare?  What can you do to gain competitive advantage?  For over a decade, Advertiser Perceptions has been tracking what advertisers think of more than 700 media, ad tech and agency brands.  So, if you are looking for competitive intelligence, trends and best practices, then there’s no better source for that information in the advertising industry.  Advertiser Perceptions has the insights and can supply the direction necessary for gaining competitive advantage.

Talent Identification

A quantitative approach for identifying talent and measuring performance based on advertiser opinions and plans to advertise. 

Growing advertiser demand, improving perceptions and increasing satisfaction levels are all signs that someone is doing something right.  Advertiser Perceptions has been tracking more than 700 media brands for over a decade.  Using quantitative methods, we can identify talent, discover stars, and measure performance based on the advertiser opinions, plans to advertise and trends that we collect.    

Go-To-Market and Best Practices

Develop, apply and track more effective strategies for marketing, sales and business development.  

Advertiser Perceptions delivers both the method and the insight necessary for developing, applying and tracking effective go-to-market strategies.  Through more than a decade of research, analysis and client-work on the topic, we have identified the framework necessary for what it takes for marketing, selling and business development success in today’s ad market.  Advertiser Perceptions has the insights and can provide the guidance for taking the right go-to-market approach.

Internal Perception Alignment (IPA)

Discover what employees think of your company and take appropriate actions to manage their perceptions to positively affect what advertisers think.

The perception of your company begins with your own employees.  Discovering what your employees, especially those with advertiser contact (sales, marketing and customer service), think of your company, the market and the competition is critical.  Just as important, taking the appropriate actions to correct and manage those perceptions can have a positive effect on how your brand is perceived by advertisers.  Advertiser Perceptions can deliver the process and guidance for uncovering how your brand is perceived internally and the steps required to ensure that the desired perception is aligned and maintained across your company—especially among those with advertiser / client contact.

Investor Intelligence

Improve investment decisions through quantitative advertiser insights and plans for publicly traded agencies and media companies. 

The more you know, the better your investment decisions.  That’s our objective in providing advertiser insights to the investment community—better informed investment decisions. Learning what advertisers think and have planned can have significant impact on investments in the publicly traded agencies and media companies we’ve been tracking for years.  Not to mention, awareness of advertiser plans for pre-IPO companies and market-movers like mobile, native, social and digital video advertising can only improve investment decisions.  Going beyond the typical investment decision based on a handful of advertisers’ opinions, Advertiser Perceptions can curate and deliver advertiser insights, plans and trends for publicly traded agencies and media companies at a quantitative level based on hundreds, and in many cases, thousands of advertisers’ opinions.

Market Positioning and Segmentation

Gain a clear, unique, and advantageous position among your target advertisers.     

Advertisers possess different business needs, motivations and interests.  Identifying them by segment and discovering where your media company or agency stands with each, relative to the competition, is essential for winning their business and keeping them satisfied.  Advertiser Perceptions provides both the process and guidance for determining your advertiser segments, discovering how your brand is positioned and developing a strategy for effectively marketing to each targeted segment.

Marketer Intelligence

Improve advertising-related decisions through peer group insights, information and plans for media brands and agencies.

The more you know, the better your decisions.  That’s our objective in providing advertiser insights to marketers.  Learning what your fellow advertisers think and have planned for leading agencies and media brands can help to inform your own marketing and advertising decisions.  Not to mention, an awareness of advertiser plans for market-movers like mobile, native, social and digital video advertising.   Going beyond the typical trade conferences and industry publications, Advertiser Perceptions curates and delivers market and brand (advertiser insights, plans and trends about agencies and media companies) data to marketers to help better inform their marketing decisions.

Native Advertising

Develop effective programs based on best practices and research guidance. 

Advertiser Perceptions has been tracking what advertisers think and have planned for online native advertising since its emergence as a viable Internet advertising approach.  As a result, we possess the expertise, insights and can supply publishers with the necessary direction for developing effective native advertising programs for advertisers.


Upfront / NewFront Optimization

Create winning strategies based on advertiser feedback and direction.   

With all that television networks and digital media brands have riding on the Upfront and NewFront, the need for advertiser insight has never been greater.   As a result, the insights-based guidance that Advertiser Perceptions delivers has never been more valuable.  We work directly with clients to help inform and improve the results from their Upfront and NewFront strategies.

Timely, Unbiased Business Intelligence

Advertiser Intelligence Report (AIR)


AIR is the largest and most comprehensive ongoing tracking study of media decision makers in the world. It provides media company executives and marketers seeking peer group intelligence with the plans and opinions of thousands of marketers and agencies every six months about more than 400 leading digital, television, print and audio media brands. Click Here to Learn More…

Digital Campaign Management Report (DCMR)

DCMR delivers the necessary insights and direction to media company executives for managing higher-levels of advertiser satisfaction and improving advertiser experience throughout all stages of the digital ad campaign process. More than 50 leading media brands are measured. Click Here to Learn More…

Programmatic Intelligence Report (PIR)

PIR supplies the insights required for making effective decisions based on what advertisers and publishers think of programmatic advertising and their experiences with programmatic brands. PIR delivers the opinions of and plans for more than 50 leading content and programmatic brands. Click Here to Learn More…

The Measurement Report

Clients use the intelligence from the Measurement Report to understand market adoption of specific measurement products, obstacles and issues, decision-making and measurement needs at various stages of the measurement process.  Click Here to Learn More…

AP Market Reports


AP Market Reports deliver timely, research-based insight about the most critical issues affecting the industry every day. All year long, AP Market Reports keep clients abreast of the rapidly changing media landscape, enabling more informed decisions, resulting in more successful outcomes and better advertiser experiences. This year’s reports include:

  • The Measurement Report
  • The Upfront / NewFront Report
  • The Mobile Intelligence Report
  • The Video Advertising Report
  • The Native Advertising and Branded Content Report

Click Here to Learn More…


Proprietary Advertiser Insights and Events


Advertiser Perceptions delivers the expertise and guidance necessary for effectively conducting turnkey custom and proprietary advertiser research on behalf of clients. Clients gain access insights through a managed solution based on responsive advertiser panels and a network of partner panels from around the world. Click Here to Learn More…