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We’ve been uncovering what advertisers think for nearly 20 years. And over that time, the advertising landscape has changed dramatically – the rise of the internet, the emergence of smartphone dominance, programmatic advertising and ad tech, GDPR rules – and the list goes on. So we are always changing, adapting, and evolving our work to better reflect the current ecosystem and serve our clients.

Our quantitative and qualitative methodologies evaluate media brands and ad tech companies against a dynamic list of criteria based on expanding marketer KPIs. And today, by listening to our clients’ needs, we have implemented an increased frequency in reporting that will better equip them with the latest, unbiased and opportunity-driven business intelligence they can only get from Advertiser Perceptions.

What Advertisers Think

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Our Reports, Insights and Solutions

Millions of media dollars are won or lost based on what advertisers think about your brand – and your competitors. Discovering why advertisers feel the way they do is the objective of the insights that we collect. Our research and reporting uncovers the thoughts, opinions and plans of media decision makers involved in recommending, specifying, and approving the selection of media and ad tech brands like yours. Our “hot topic” market reports deliver timely, research-based insight about the most critical issues affecting your business. All year long, Advertiser Perceptions keeps you abreast of the rapidly changing media landscape, enabling more informed decisions, resulting in more successful outcomes and better advertiser experiences.

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Custom Client Work

Advertiser Perceptions delivers the expertise and guidance necessary for effectively conducting turnkey custom and proprietary advertiser research. We’ll provide you with critical, unbiased insights on the latest thinking from our responsive advertiser panels and a network of partner panels from around the world.

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