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What Advertisers Think™

Advertiser Perceptions delivers the insight and guidance necessary for success in today’s competitive media advertising industry. 

Change is constant. Simply keeping up isn’t enough. Success requires staying well ahead of the shifting marketplace and the competition. It demands accurate business intelligence for the development of proactive strategies based on what advertisers are thinking — their plans, perceptions and motivations. It calls for the creation of a seamless advertiser experience that is competitive, meets the needs of both agencies and marketers, and ensures an easy and satisfying business relationship on an ongoing basis.

Drive Buying Intentions by Providing a Superior Advertiser Experience™

A media company’s best opportunity for growth lies in the hands of its advertisers — past, present and future. The companies that deliver a superior, frictionless advertiser experience that is consistent with advertiser needs will succeed over the ones that don’t. Advertiser Perceptions delivers both the method and the insight necessary for developing and managing advertiser experience. Through more than a decade of research, analysis and client-work on the topic, we have identified the framework necessary to deliver a superior advertiser experience. We have uncovered the correlation between positive advertiser experience and buying intentions. And have developed a rigorous process for managing advertiser experience on an ongoing basis.

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Our Company

When it comes to gaining knowledge and clarity about what advertisers think, nothing compares to what Advertiser Perceptions delivers. We are the world leader in providing media company executives with the research-based advertiser insight and guidance necessary for producing superior advertiser experiences, strengthening media brands, improving advertiser satisfaction and increasing advertising sales. We specialize in determining, analyzing, communicating and applying what advertisers think — their plans, opinions and motivations.

Our proprietary database and panels of media decision makers are large and responsive. The advertiser survey and questionnaire development process that we employ is proven and ensures optimal response. Focus and media industry expertise enables us to effectively analyze and accurately interpret the research that we conduct on behalf of our clients, who represent most of the largest media companies in the world.

Our Services
Our Solution
We’re industry experts with hands-on experience and a research-based understanding of the evolving media landscape — digital, social, programmatic, mobile, television, print and radio. We listen and think outside the box to create data-driven solutions based on our clients’ needs and objectives. We transform data into actionable insights, guidance and recommendations that are ready for consumption and action at a senior management level.
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Our Insights
Millions of dollars are won or lost based on what advertisers think. Discovering where and why advertisers feel the way they do about our clients’ media brands is the objective of the insights that we collect on their behalf. Just as important is knowing which advertiser feelings are important to building and maintaining a second-to-none advertiser experience, and which are not. And, how what’s important today is changing over time.
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Our Approach
We take a consultative approach based on research to develop and deliver actionable guidance and recommendations to our clients in their building and ongoing management of superior advertiser experiences. Our focus and media industry expertise enable us to propose the right solutions and effectively analyze and accurately interpret the research that we conduct on behalf of our clients.
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Delivering Results
We partner with you to understand your needs, develop a plan that will provide actionable insights, and extend our individual, customized service to ensure that we deliver the intelligence necessary for meeting your objectives, building your advertiser experience, strengthening your brand, improving your advertiser satisfaction, and increasing your advertising sales.
Our Clients

At Advertiser Perceptions, we supply the world’s most powerful media brands with insight about what their advertisers and prospects think. We have solutions that are right for any media brand wishing to better manage its advertiser experience, strengthen its perception in the market, improve advertiser satisfaction and increase advertising sales.

Our unique and proprietary intelligence-gathering process works across all media. From global, Ad Age 100 media brands to startups. From social media to publishers, mobile, television, magazines, newspapers and radio… we have solutions that are right for every media executive wishing to grow their business.

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